Interior doors

Here at Megusar-les d.o.o. we are well aware that doors are one of the most important elements of any home or business and that is why we offer all our customers advice, door planing. measurements, own production and assembly of the doors by our experienced workers. We also colaborate with external architects and project engineers. We adapt the doors to specialities of your home that is to your existing furniture or we make the doors with new furniture. One of the important elements of the doors is the door handle, that gives the doors a nice final look and that is why we offer you a wide variety of door handles from renowned brands. We also provide high quality door fittings.



- sharp edged

- soft edged

- crowned

- aluminium frames

- baroque



We make doors from chipboards or wooden combs. All edges are made of solid wood for better durability. The core of the doors is  plated with MDF, plywood or chipboard, depending of the price range or customers needs. As a final layer we use veneers of all tree sorts or we color them by RAL or NCS scale. Veneers are combined vertically, horisontally or in different intarsia. We can put different inserts inside the doors - veneers, inox strips, aluminium, fabrics, leather,...

Very interesting are diferent inlays-milings wher a customer can choos any profile that they draw with our designer and than we make them in our production on a CNC machine.



Manufacturing of doors from waved or rough cut veneers.


Glass doors

We produce and build in any possible glass doors or partly glass doors in combination with wood.  What we can not manufacture ourselves, we collaborate with the best glaziers.

Sliding doors

We make sliding doors from all previously listed materials, of all shapes and dimensions. Thay can be sliding by the wall with frame or without frame, glass, partly glass or full.

Straight cut dors

Currently our number one selling doors are straight cut doors that give rooms a special look. Doors look modern and they close very quietly.  We use best materials for manufacturing, hidden hinges, magnetic locks and we can build in automatic floor sealing and other accessories according to customers wishes. What gives a very special charm to straight cut doors is the door handle, that customers can choose from a vide variety of handles.

Groowed doors

These are classic doors with a groowe. We use locks of best quality, AGB, 3D adjustable hinges and silicone sealings. All of these factors enable quiet closing of the doors.