Security doors

Here in the company Megušar - les d.o.o. we are developing our own security doors in collaboration with our foreign partner. The doors are manufactured from the best quality materials and that enables us to make products of the highest quality and of all shapes and sizes. The doors are completely made by the customers wishes in size and also in how they look. Our production has modern equipment (certified with Quality system standard ISO 9001 - 2008) and that enables us short delivery dates and production of different models and sizes doors. We also offer you all RAL and NSC scale color shades including panel plates that can be colored or covered in veneer of all tree sorts, different skirting boards and tresholds.


Properties of doors that are certified with Standard SIST EN 14351-1: Windows and doors

- burgulary resistance by SIST ENV 1630:2000 - class 4

- therml transmittnce U=0.852W/m2°K

- sound proofing - class 3 + possibility of additional isolaton

- water proofing cass 1A

- wind burdain proofing - class C2


Basic technical description of security doors series S 50:-

- multi point key lock (Slovenian manufacturer Titan Kamnik) with security shield, as potectioen against drilling trough or pulling out - breakin of the cylinder.

- 6 pcs. active latches and 2 pcs. fixed latches on the side of the hinges, that prevent breaking in with lever (lifting and breaking of the hinges)

- safety cylinder Titan with patented profile and owner card

- 3D safety adjustable hinges

- automatic floor seal

- long lasting elastic seals on the doors as well as on the frame

- wide angle peephole (digital peephole possible)

- opening limitation

- reinforced metal door frame, made of 2 mm sheet metal - painted by RAL

- safety door core made of 1,2 or 2 mm sheet metal

- tubular reinforcement profile inside the door

- thermal and acoustic filler

- alminum masks of the door - painted by RAL

- 8 or 12 mm wooden panel boards, made of fiber or plywood, veneered or colored by RAL

- total thickness of the doors is 68 or 76 mm


For apartments

Security doors for apartments can be coordinated with the outter side looks of the other hallway doors in the multi aprtmen building and we can adapt the inner side of te doors to the interior ambiace or to the other doors inside the apartment. If needed, we can build in a metal skyligh (with reinforced glass or outer panels where the core of the metal element is filled with heat and sound proofing). When we make measurements, we discuss with our customer the furniture and the looks of the doors and at the same time we advise and present possibilities accoding to the buyers wishes and demands.

For hauses





We recommend security doors for houses mainly because of the very good construction stability, heat and sound isolativity and mostly because of the very easy maintenance of the doors. The reinforced construction and the possibility to adapt to the current situation on the building enables us execution inaccordance with the demands and wishes of the customer. If the customer wants, we can equip the doors with smooth panel plates, we can make profiled doors with a modern look or we can make you doors that are coordinated with the outside of the house. If you want to, we can put decorative glass on the doors or even security glass inside the doors, that enable light to shine into the room. With the bigger doors we can make skylight or side light elements. We can put door handles of different manufacturers on the doors, inox handles or other accessories that the customer wants. If you have any special wishes you can design the doors with our designer who can draw the doors to your desires. We can then make the doors on our modern CNC machines.


Security doors with hidden hinges.

We recommend them for customers, who want modern looking doors.