Custom-made interior doors

At our company, we are aware that interior doors are one of the most important elements of any home or business area, which is why we offer all our customers advice, door design, free measurements, in-house production and installation by our experienced staff. We also work with external architects and designers.

We can customise interior doors to suit the specific features of your space or existing interior furnishings, or we can build them as part of the interior design. One of the most important elements of an interior door is the handle, which gives the door leaf its finished look. With a wide range of handles, we offer a variety of handles and fittings from well-known brands.

CHARACTERISTICS of Megushar – les interior doors:
  • interior door leaf thickness 40, 42, 45, 50 or 55 – depending on customer requirements
  • internal door dimensions to order (we do not make standard doors!)
  • internal door height up to a maximum of 3 m
  • quality materials
  • Otlav hidden or visible 3D adjustable door hinges
  • magnetic lock or classic AGB lock
  • door leaf composition: solid wood + chipboard + 2 x MDF (depending on door model)
  • door frame composition: chipboard sheathed with MDF (depending on door model)




ADVANTAGES of Megušar – les interior doors:
  • advice on the right choice of interior doors
  • friendly and quality service – we are happy to show you the production or the work process of our work
  • comprehensive offer – possibility to combine a choice of different materials
  • combinations of door panels with interior doors or furniture
  • tailor-made interior doors
  • free measurements of interior doors to order
  • Slovenian product
  • selection of all available veneers and colours
  • quality materials from well-known suppliers
  • natural materials – no PVC materials and wood imitations
  • easy maintenance
  • long lifetime of interior doors
  • short delivery times for interior doors
  • possibility to adjust the date of delivery
  • in-house professional installers
  • many years of experience of all employees
  • Slovenian quality certificate
CATALOGUE - Megušar - les Interior doors

For more details about Megušar - les interior doors, we invite you to take a look at our catalogue

Glass doors

We can manufacture and install all possible variants of glass interior doors or partial glass doors in combination with wood. What cannot be manufactured in our own production, we work with the best glassmakers.

Rebated door

The rebated door is a classic door with a groove. However, we use high quality AGB locks, 3d adjustable hinges and silicone seals (all of which allow us to close the door leaf softly and quietly).

Straight-cut doors

Currently, the top selling product is the straight-cut door, which gives a special look to the room.The door has a modern look and extremely quiet closing. The best materials, hidden hinges, magnetic locks, automatic floor seals and other accessories can be used for the production. For better sealing, we can also install automatic floor seals and other accessories according to the customer’s wishes. A special charm of the straight-cut door leaves is given by the handle, which customers can choose from our wide range of additional fittings.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are available in all the materials, shapes and dimensions listed above. They can be sliding against the wall with or without a door frame, fitted in a cassette, they can be made of glass, part-glass or solid.

Aluminium door frame – hidden

Aluminium door frame is installed during the pre-plaster stage of construction and requires extreme precision and cooperation between contractors. The final appearance of the door is a sophisticated design with a minimalist look, the door frame is virtually invisible and the door leaf with the chosen material comes to the fore.